MySQL 4.1 сертифицированна, как готова€ к производству

MySQL version 4.1 offers dozens of important product enhancements and new features, including support for:

*Subqueries and derived tables -- allowing users to search complex data sets with greater ease and efficiency;
*A significantly faster and more flexible client-server protocol with support for prepared statements, providing optimized query execution and improved warning information;
*New GUI installer and configuration wizards for Linux and Windows, making it easier for developers to set up and optimize their MySQL databases;
*Encrypted client-server communication using OpenSSL (GPL), greatly increasing security against malicious intrusion and unauthorized access.
*A more highly-optimized MySQL server library with a smaller memory footprint that performs significantly faster when embedded in third-party software.
*Extensive Unicode support through the utf8 and ucs2 international character sets for applications that require the use of local languages;
*Industry-standard GIS spatial types for storing and managing geographic data;
*Improved full text search and Help features.
ƒата: 04.11.2004  
јвтор: ћинаков јлександр