омпил€тор PHP

Features and Benefits

Build stand-alone applications from PHP code
  • does not require an interpreter
  • compile entire source tree to one executable
  • allows you to distribute easily
  • once compiled, irreversible to original PHP source code

    Compile libraries
  • create dynamic shared reusable libraries (.so / .dll)
  • multiple applications can share same libraries
  • support multiple library versions
  • support for static libraries
  • libraries usable by stand-alone, web, and interpreted applications

    Compile Web Applications
  • run compiled code directly from Apache
  • web server code is secure from unauthorized view
  • simplify website application distribution and backup

    Interpreted mode
  • execute PHP directly from source code without compiling
  • save time during development
  • allows you to debug easily
  • distribute library to clients without requiring them to compile
  • integrate existing PHP code with compiled code
  • access compiled library directly from the command line

  • runtime and extension API are compatible with Open Source PHP 4.3.x
  • includes Standard, MySQL, PCRE, XML, and Posix extensions

    Royalty Free distribution
  • sell or give away unlimited, untimed copies of your compiled application

    Profile Mode
  • built-in source level profiler helps you optimize your code
  • ƒата: 18.07.2004  
    јвтор: ћинаков јлександр ¬ладимирович